Anti-Social Behaviour

The term anti-social behaviour covers any behaviour that would cause a nuisance, unreasonable disturbance or harassment. Below are some examples of anti-social behaviour:

  • Persistent unruly behaviour, such as creating unreasonable noise, that intrudes on other people’s lives
  • Persistent abusive behaviour, such as verbal abuse or threats of violence, directed towards neighbours or others
  • Harassment of people because of their ethnic background or religion, because of their sexual orientation (gay men or lesbians), because of their sex, or any other targeted intimidation
  • Vandalism or malicious damage to communal areas or to other people’s homes or property
  • Any behaviour that unreasonably interferes with a persons rights to peaceful enjoyment of their homes or neighbourhood

Everyone is entitled to enjoy their home quietly and peacefully. You must not make too much noise, be a nuisance or disturb your neighbours and you must also make sure that anyone living with you or visiting your home behaves in a reasonable way. Your tenancy agreement makes you responsible for ensuring that you or your family or your visitors do not harass anybody. If you or members of your household or visitors to your home are found to be responsible for acts of harassment, you would be in breach of your tenancy agreement and could be evicted from your home. If you are being directly affected by somebody causing you a nuisance or are being harassed in any way you should report this to Central Housing Group. Harassment includes attacks on property as well as on the person. It can include physical or verbal abuse. Harassment targets people on particular grounds. It is distinct from and should not be confused with inter-neighbour disputes and general nuisance. It is Harmens policy not to tolerate anti-social behaviour or harassment in any shape or form either, directed at our Tenants and inflicted by our Tenants. Hence, we has a strict procedure and processes for dealing with such occurrences efficiently and effectively.

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