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We at Harmens nurtures our landlords’ property investments. This is achieved by us offering you a personalized letting scheme that safeguards your property investment, we in addition offer you flexibility arranged around your own investment plans.

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme — 5 premium features:-

  • Guaranteed Rent – for 1 to 5-year letting periods. This ensures that the landlord achieves a short, mid and long-term return on their property investments.
  • Rent paid – whether occupied or unoccupied property. Even if there is a tenancy gap, or time-out for repairs between tenancies, you will receive regular and secured rental payments.
  • Rent arrears – no risk! This is a perpetual anxiety for landlords, but with us, this doesn’t happen. You are paid by us, on time, every month for the full period of your letting contract.
  • Legal eviction costs – no risk! We at Harmens takes care of the whole repossession or eviction process. You, as landlords, do not pay for any legal representation or Court eviction fees.
  • Tenant property damage – protection. We work with tenants to ensure that such situations never occur. However, if in the unlikely event damage has occurred then , we mediate with all the interested parties and we ensure a swift resolution, always and safeguarding the interests of our clients property, so as to ensure we restore the property to its original condition (subject to ‘fair wear and tear’), at no cost to you.

Looking after landlords’ interests

We provide all of our landlords with a premium customer service, from the moment they sign with us. There are certain landlord obligations that the law requires. We explain these clearly and help you to meet them as quickly as possible so that your property starts earning income immediately

Our Professional letting service — higher standards.

Harmens has very good systems set up and the right staff, experienced and knowledgeable, in place, to make sure you receive your return on your investment.

Regular property inspections

We have a plan that we stick to for inspecting landlords’ properties regularly. We report repairs that need your approval for us to carry out or landlord action.

Reporting, undertaking repairs

We pride ourselves on our efficiency in undertaking repairs promptly. We make sure they are to highest standards and at reasonable cost. We have a team of contractors who understand our essential requirement for honest, good workmanship.

Gas and Electrical Safety testing

Harmens understands that our landlords have their own professional careers or work commitments that occupy their precious free time. We in tern provide a fluid and pro-active service so as to ensure that all the gas and electrical safety testing and reporting is done on time.

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