How we work with new landlords

Step 1

We at Harmens , complete a form detailing the \basic property information: type and description of accommodation, furnished or unfurnished, heating type, window glazing, etc.
After a meeting with you when we outline how the Guaranteed Rent Scheme works and our landlord process, we confirm what we discussed in a letter to you that outlines our rental payment details, our fees, inspections, repairs, council tax liability, utilities, furniture requirements and vacant possession, etc.
We attach our General Standards guide, giving you more detailed information on our general property letting standard requirements and a Furniture Requirements checklist, room by room.

Step 2

We send you a letter of offer with details of what is needed: proof of ownership, proof of appropriate Building Insurance cover, safety reports, inventory, items to be removed or replaced, repair works if any, etc. and, if required, a Pre-letting Authorisation form, also to be completed (if we are required to carry out any or all of the following on your behalf, prior to the letting of your property – Gas Safety report, NICEIC Electrical Installation report, Portable Appliance Test report, Energy Performance Certificate, etc.).
On completion of all necessary works and submission of all appropriate documentation, we ask you to complete and sign a ‘Landlord Instruction to Manage’ agreement. It’s a 1-page straightforward document confirming contact, rental, your account details for payment, etc.

Step 3

Once we have let your property, we send you a confirmation letter with management start date, date of first rental payment and your closing utility readings: gas, electricity and, where applicable, water.

How we work with existing landlords

Processes and policies

Harmens has internal ongoing audits) which act as a testimony to the processes and procedures we’ve developed to help us help our landlords. Our policy is understood and followed by everyone at Harmens. Each one of us works towards measurable objectives.
We make decisions about the quality system based on our recorded data, so that we can take preventative or corrective action where necessary, to ensure we continue to offer excellent customer service.

Property Inspections

We conduct these either every fortnight or every two months depending on which Local Authority is utilising your property. We note likely wear and tear and anything that could contravene health and safety compliance. We contact you with our recommendation for action on essential repairs.

Property maintenance

Harmens does undertake basic necessary repairs and maintenance, when authorized by the landlord. We use contractors who are experts in their trade that we have employed for many years. They understand our requirements for quality workmanship, respect for tenants and adhering to our Code of Conduct.

Expiry Notices

We have an administrative system for monitoring various expiry notices: building insurance cover, Gas Safety reports, NICEIC electrical inspection reports, Portable Appliance Test reports and Energy Performance Certificates.

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