Landlords’ Legal Obligations


In the case of residential lettings the landlord is under various obligations to repair the structure and exterior of the premises, as well as various installations in the premises. These obligations apply to weekly and monthly tenancies as well as fixed term tenancies not exceeding 7 years in length. Normally, the landlord will only be liable once he knows of the defect, at least in general terms. This can result either from the landlord being told of the defect by the tenant (written notification is not essential) or because the landlord learns of the defect in some other way. A landlord who is in breach of this obligation is liable to pay the tenant damages and specific orders can be made by the Court requiring the landlord to carry out repairs. In the case of furnished accommodation there is an implied obligation that the premises would be fit for human habitation at the outset of the tenancy. The landlord may also be liable in the event of defects in the common parts or parts of the building where he retains control (e.g. the roof in the case of a block of flats). The tenancy agreement itself may contain provision under which the landlord contracts to carry out repairs. The statutorily implied obligation will apply in any event but an express provision may impose a greater liability on the landlord. The landlord has rights of entry to carry out repairs.


Firstly, we look after your investment. Through our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, you receive secured rental payments that offset mortgage costs, finance your other investments or fund your lifestyle. We pay you promptly every month via automated BACS transfer, so you can be secure in the knowledge the funds are in your account on time.


Secondly, we look after your property. Our experienced property inspectors undertake regular property inspections. We look for any existing property damage and for potential future damage.

Remember , the famous saying :-

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” –Benjamin Franklin

We report this to you so you can consider if and what action should be taken, and what action the law requires. We assign you a property manager — so you always have a name, a face, a contact.


Thirdly, we liaise with tenants. We settle them in. We give them a complete tenant Information Welcome pack including appliance instructions, meter key,(where applicable) local public transport maps and information, and information regarding local hospitals, doctors, dentists, opticians, nurseries, schools, places of worship, childcare and recycling, etc. We will liaise with tenants on your behalf. We explain their obligations, show them how things work, how to report to us if something is wrong and let them know we carry out regular property inspections.


We have over 10 years’ experience in property management and landlord relations. We’ve built up a strong reputation for fair working practices. We don’t take short cuts — or our landlords for granted. We have in place a system of procedures, thorough, fair, tried and tested, to manage your property properly. Working with us is a worry-free business relationship that safeguards your investment — because we take pride in our service to our landlords. We want you to stay with us for a long time, and recommend us to your peers, clients, friends and family who have property to let.

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